Moab, Utah: “Getting lucky”

I’ve been interested in shooting the Milky Way. In order to shoot the Milky Way you need to have a new moon. This is a must because you need the sky to be completely dark. It also helps to have an area with no or little light pollution. Arches National Park in Moab,Utah is almost a perfect place for night photography. The night of April 21st was perfect for this: it was a new moon and–bonus–a Lyrid meteor shower.

I arrived in Arches around 11PM and took some test shots to kill time before the Milky Way rose. The first shot is of the Turrent arch taken at the The Window area of Arches.

Here is my photo of the Turrent from the north looking towards the southwest. 

As you can see from the photo, the Milky Way wasn’t present because it isn’t in that part of the sky.  Still a cool photo.


The next photo is of the North and South Windows with the Milky Way lighting up the sky. If you look closely at the left window, you can see a meteor streaking by.

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Having the meteor in the shot was pure luck!!

After shooting at the Windows area I decided to go to Balanced Rock. I arrived around 3AM, and the Milky Way was in the perfect location for this silhouette of Balanced Rock.

 balance rock, arches, moab, milkyway


The last shot of the night is of Balanced Rock painted with light.

balance rock. arches, national park. moab, milky way

Well I didn’t get lucky with a shooting star after numerous photos taken, but I’m coming back during the next meteor shower. I hope luck will follow.

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