Got air?

Over 100 million Super Bowl viewers watched Andy Lewis jumping on a slackline during the halftime show. Yesterday, I had the honor of watching him send his latest creation, “Leviathan,” for the first time.

Leviathan is a  285-foot slackline strung between the Echo and Cottontail towers of the Fisher Towers located outside of Moab, Utah.


The view of Andy’s Coliseum.

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The height of the line is approximately 900 feet. This makes Leviathan the highest/longest slackline in the world. Andy estimates the tension of the line between 1600-1800 lbs. It’s a good thing he is using a “Gibbons” slackline.


Got air?

fisher towers, slackline, andy lewis, moab, gibbons, slacklife, leviathan

To get a scale of how high the tower is, the tower Ancient Art in the Citibank TV commercial is the one with “Benson” across it.


Here is a  400% blowup of Andy walking the line.

andy lewis, fisher towers, moab, slackline

Who knows? What’s next? All I know is ” The Slacklife” will continue …


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2 Responses to “Got air?”

  1. [...] tiny dot in the midldle of the bright blue sky is the one and only Andy Lewis. You can check out Brent’s blog about Andy’s latest feats here. Brent states that the line is 285 feet long and 900 feet off the ground. That sounds about right [...]

  2. Devoted Slackline Enthusiast says:

    Its funny they say good thing he is using a gibbon line because on longlines and highlines sometimes gibbon is not the best vendor. In fact I have seen flowline (probably the line he is using if he is using gibbon) break at only 40 feet while getting it really tight. Oh well Andy is a beast and he obviously knows what he is doing with plenty of back up gear and redundancy. plus 1600-1800 pounds isn’t TOO much in the world of slacklining. Keep at it Andy that line is incredible. You inspire me and many others I know.

    Keep it sketchy. :)

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