I just read the photo guidelines for one of the top ski magazines. I really loved the photo editor’s last guideline: “If your question is, “This shot is really sick, but the skier is missing their grab, will you use it?” The answer is no.”  This made me laugh, because I totally agree with him. So many times, especially with up and comers, I’ll tell them to get the grab, even a soft grab because that is better than coming up empty-handed.  A lot of athletes forget that the photo is going to only 1/1000+ a second, so get the damn grab.

If I were a photo editor I would put these 10 guidelines for incoming edits. As a photographer these are my guidelines.


1. GET THE GRAB! Even better if you can make the ski bend or you can yank it off.



2. NO PETER PAN HAND! Your childhood fantasy of being a fairy should be over by now. Yes it was cool when Jonny Moseley had Peter Pan Hand in 1998, but now it’s 2013, and skiing has advanced since then.


3. KEEP THOSE TIPS BURIED!!! I see people showing up with 150 underfoot on a three-foot powder day, and I say WTF? I thought the whole point of skiing powder was to get face shots, and I’m not talking about porn.


4.  NO HOCKEY STOP TURNS! Do you go down the fall line making each turn 90 degrees? I think not; if you do you’re a gaper.


5.  NO WHISKEY BOTTLE HAND POLE PLANTS! Do you plant your pole like you are going to drink out of the grip? If so I hope you have a shot for me.


6. NO CROSS BLOCK! This is when you have your arm going across the front of your chest. In roller derby this works well.


7. NO TONGUE WAGGIN’!  A good way to bite off your tongue, but I wouldn’t say that to Micheal Jordan.


8. NO TREE GROWING OUT OF HEAD! No, it’s not a new hat.


9. NO CAMO CLOTHING!  Yes, I want to see you; leave your earth tones at home.


10. IF YOU FLIP!  See guideline number one above.




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  1. jesus hands says:

    classic post. tell it like it is bud. don’t forget jesus hands.

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