A nice gallery of mine at Powdermag.com.

I would like to thank  Powdermag.com for the write up and gallery on me.

About Brent Benson: Photographer Brent Benson was one of the catalysts behind the monster gap craze that swept Utah in the late 90s, early 00s, launching the careers of pro skiers such as Sage Cattabriga-alosa, the Collins Brothers, and Jamie Pierre, and putting otherwise underground local Jedis such as Chad Zurinskas, Rick Roblewski and Chris Minneci in the skiing limelight. As such, he and Kris Ostness were often the only ones on scene to document the first time many of these behemoths were hit. In those days, the kicker was often destroyed as soon as the session ended to eliminate copy cats. We asked Brent to send us some of his best moments in monster gap history… And we’re happy that he kindly obliged. Enjoy.

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